In what way should one perform a chest dip?

Raise both arms in a vertical position over your head while maintaining your position inside the parallel bars. 

Now, with your torso slightly raised, actively press down and maintain this position throughout the workout. 

Start the dip by inhaling and puffing. Imagine pulling yourself down against an unseen force to activate the proper muscles.

From the front and the side, your forearms should be parallel to one another. Use bars that are around the breadth of your shoulders.

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Maintain a level head at all times. When the repetitions grow more difficult, don't risk neck injury by lifting your chin.

The tops of the shoulders need to be pushed down. They will naturally jut upward and back as you drop.

Avoid shrugging and rolling your shoulders. Keep shoulders back and down. Stop at the elbows.

Instead of dips, try negative dips. Negative dips simulate workout well. Negative because you just descend. Simply descend, then use your legs to go back up.

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