In 2000s, James Marsden Considered Preacher. 

Pop culture before superhero movies flooded theaters is difficult to imagine.  

After the success of films like "Blade" and "Spider-Man," comic book adaptations saw their first significant boom 20 years ago, 

around the time of the publication of the eagerly awaited "X2." One of the "X2" stars, 

James Marsden, spoke with CBR about another comic adaptation he was considering at the time. 

"X2" is the 2003 sequel to the wildly successful "X-Men" movie from 2001. 

Marsden plays Scott Summers, better known as Cyclops, in the "X-Men" series, 

but he nearly took on a different superhero role in an adaptation of "Preacher." 

In the 2003 interview, Marsden stated that he would like to participate in a "Preacher" adaptation.