I tried Chris Hemsworth's four-move core workout, and I can't wait to do it again

I tried Chris Hemsworth's four-move core workout, and I can't wait to do it again

Hemsworth's four-move core exercise This workout rocks. Since your abs connect your upper and lower bodies, you don't frequently focus on them when walking, lifting, or balancing. However, most abdominal workouts focus on spinal flexion (sit-ups and crunches). 

This strategy works your rectus abdominis muscles (responsible for the six-pack form), but it overlooks numerous core muscles (there are huge differences between abs and core training). Most people don't move like toy figures, hinging at the hips and staying rigid. 

Hemsworth's workout challenged me to bend, twist, stabilize my spine, and hold tricky poses, testing my core strength, coordination, and balance. Cross-body mountain climbers started each round. I was able to work through the transversus abdominis and mulitifidus while holding a plank position. Kick-sits followed. 

This move strengthens your shoulders and obliques (the lengthy abdominal muscles that twist and bend). It tests balance and coordination. I struggled to get a rhythm in my first few attempts. After several futile attempts, I was able to link them together in a breakdance-like manner, making this fitness test fun. 

My shoulders and midsection were exhausted by the final round. Hemsworth's training doesn't wait, so I moved on to 20 bicycle crunches. These weren't bad, and I reached 20 before the final exercise, flutter kicks. These seem the easiest because they only require a light leg kick. 

Gymnasts love hollow holds, which you're performing. Holding this stance for a long time needs full-body tension and core strength. I was inclined to hasten the final repetitions. As with any core strengthening exercises, go slow to develop muscular tension. So I slowed down and finished the last exercise in one set, despite a wobbly final five. 

Hemsworth's personal trainer incorporates compound movements into his workouts to accommodate his filming schedule, so he's in terrific shape. When you have time to focus on a single area, this four-move workout is a fun way to avoid the sit-ups and crunches and strengthen your core and improve your performance in other exercises. 

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