How to Buy Cheap Healthy Food to Lose Weight

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Bulk buy

Bulk buying is cheaper if you have storage space. When you look at the cost per unit, you'll discover that buying in bulk saves you money.

Stick to your grocery list

We waste food expenditures on impulsive purchase. Avoid tempting aisles and don't shop when hungry—you're more inclined to buy bad food.

Pre-plan your meals

Preparing meals decreases impulsive buying. It also prevents you from buying food that will deteriorate in your cupboard or fridge.

Buy seasonal

Produce is cheaper in season. Buy in-season produce to freeze and enjoy out of season if you have a large freezer.

Buy canned or frozen veggies

Canned and frozen meals stay longer than fresh ones and are cheaper, saving you money. 

Home-cooked meals

No need to buy groceries for delivery or takeout. Homemade meals are cheaper and easier to track calories and macros. 

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