How to Beat World Boss Ashava in "Server Slam" Beta

How to Beat World Boss Ashava in "Server Slam" Beta

Diablo 4 'Server Slam' beta offers a chance to experience the game's early stages before its official launch in June.

The beta features the World Boss, Ashava, a challenging foe that can be fought by groups of up to 12 players.

Ashava is located in the Level 25 zone called The Crucible, in the far eastern side of the map.

The boss fight consists of four waves, with a time limit of 15 minutes to defeat Ashava.

Defeating Ashava grants high-level legendary loot, while partial rewards are given for not defeating the boss.

Ashava possesses various moves, including attacks that inflict persistent poison damage.

The boss scales in difficulty based on the number of players engaged in the fight.

Skilled players may have a better chance of success with a lower player count.

Changes to the boss fight schedule may occur, and the article will be updated accordingly.

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