How George Soros is causing US addiction, death, and turmoil.

“Creating cutting-edge policies that have fundamentally transformed the direction of drug policy in the U.S.” is the Drug Policy Alliance's claim.

It's true. The alliance legalized marijuana in 11 states and D.C. The anticipated benefits of marijuana legalization have not materialized, leaving hundreds of towns with greater addiction, murder, and mayhem.

Marijuana is not harmless and medicinal, despite Drug Policy Alliance propaganda. Young marijuana users are addicted.

Its regular use causes schizophrenia and lasting brain damage, notably in the frontal cortex. 

Marijuana has become more addictive and harmful as it has become stronger.

Marijuana usage and abuse have soared in legalized states, just like alcohol consumption did during prohibition.

When the Drug Policy Alliance succeeds, more addictions, brain damage, and broken families result.

Legalizing marijuana has increased crime. The enormous illegal marijuana industry undercuts the legitimate market due to strict rules and taxation. Because possession is legal, the illegal market is nearly impossible to control.

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