Honey's Potential Dangers: 7 Possible Effects


Weight Gain Possible

One tablespoon (or 21 grams) of honey is equal to 64 calories. It has a lot of calories.

Allergies Possible

Increased honey consumption may raise the risk of honey allergies, which are rare.

Infant botulism

Ingesting a bacterial spore that generates a toxin causes newborn botulism. Honey contains C botulinum, a bacterium.

Increases blood sugar

Honey may be better than table sugar, but it still has sugar. Studies suggest diabetics avoid honey. 

Diarrhea Risk

Honey causes diarrhea. Fructose outweighs glucose. Incomplete fructose absorption may cause diarrhea. 

Food Poisoning

Honey naturally has microorganisms. Dust, air, soil, and pollen include bacteria, yeast, and molds.

Causes Tooth Decay

It's hard to move honey. Honey can cause tooth decay if not properly cleaned.

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