Fox News Host's Crazy Michelle Obama Claim Is Dismissed

People who work at Fox News After Rachel Campos-Duffy made a crazy statement about former first lady Michelle Obama, the facts were checked right away.

On Friday's show of "The Five," Campos-Duffy said that Obama will run for president again in 2024 to take on Donald Trump, who is the leading Republican candidate.

"Well, I've been saying for a long time that I think Biden won't make it to the end and that Michelle Obama will be brought in," said Campos-Duffy, who was on MTV's "Real World" before she started working for Fox News.

"After all, the Obamas are pretty much running this administration," she said, pushing the right-wing claim that President Joe Biden is not really in charge.

But Campos-Duffy's idea that Obama should be on the Democratic ticket was quickly shot down by co-host Jessica Tarlov.

"Michelle Obama is not running for anything," Tarlov said in a film that Mediaite put online.

"Just wait, just wait," Campos-Duffy told him.

In 2020, Biden did say that he would choose Obama "in a heartbeat" if she agreed to run for vice president.

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