Dodgers Broadcaster Says Something Padres Fans Must Hear and Accept

The Dodgers have defeated the Padres five times in six games this season, including five straight. When the two teams began their first series a little more than a week ago, 

all the focus was about the rivalry. The Padres only beat the Dodgers once in the postseason, but it was enough to make up for a decade of defeats at the hands of Los Angeles.

One blunder made by the Padres management was the display of the "crying Kershaw" meme in San Diego two Fridays ago. 

 The Friars had won the first game of the season series and become overconfident too quickly. By the way, the players had nothing to do with the scoreboard incident. 

However, those players are feeling the brunt of the consequences of the tragedy. And this, paired with the strain of team owner Peter Seidler's free spending habits,

has sent the club into a tailspin two weeks into May. Year after year, the Dodgers and their players preach the "one game at a time" mantra: 

no single game or matchup is more important than the next or the last. The club respects the game and the other organization on the other side of the field.

Dontrelle Willis, FOX Sports and SportsNet LA commentator, discussed how the Dodgers and Padres have very different attitudes right now.