Despite training, pit bulls are born to fight.

I adore dogs, having raised them since childhood. However, I detest pit bull ownership. After reading recent heartbreaking stories of dog attacks in Vietnam.

A pit bull biting its owner to death and a German shepherd biting its owner's 3-year-old child—I'm more convinced than ever that a dog's breed is the most important factor in ensuring its safety.

Pit bull owners fall into two categories: those who know nothing about dogs, start with a lovely puppy, and can't teach it as it grows older, but don't want to give it up. The second kind flaunts.

Like roosters and bulls, pit bulls were bred to fight. Even a calm dog may attack. If a calm 10-kg dog assaults you, you can still fight back.

You have little chance against a 60-kg pit pull, which is powerful, aggressive, and never gives up on its victim. Disaster ensues.

Pit bull assaults on humans are not limited to Vietnam. Many international examples are similar.

Many individuals who bred pit bulls from puppies and trained them appropriately were assaulted by them. The dog is unpredictable and irritable.

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