DeSantis' Twitter debut failure proves Musk's platform isn't ready.

DeSantis' Twitter debut failure proves Musk's platform isn't ready.

The Twitter owner humiliated himself on the public stage by failing to host Ron DeSantis and a small audience for a glitch-free audio-only event after the Florida governor declared himself a 2024 presidential candidate.

DeSantis gave Musk his first official 2024 interview, bypassing Fox News. Following Tucker Carlson's statement that he will broadcast a program on Musk's platform after being dismissed by the Murdoch-controlled network, the GOP's kingmaker may have fallen.

Musk's Twitter Spaces event on Wednesday had humiliating technical issues. Musk and venture investor David Sacks labored for 25 minutes to get the audio working before a few hundred thousand people.

Musk ended the Spaces event and started a new one under Sacks because the sound was cutting in and out. That remedied the problem, maybe because only a few hundred thousand people listened to DeSantis.

No matter, by then. Ideologically diverse commenters slammed the gathering. DeSantis' statement was a joke—the worst kind of presidential announcement.

The three claimed that huge interest in the event had "broken the internet," but that was not true. The crowd was not huge.

During the inaugural Twitter Spaces event, six-hundred thousand listeners awaited DeSantis' words, a cable news audience that DeSantis and Musk would ordinarily disparage as small.

It's also worth mentioning that YouTube frequently hosts millions of viewers watching video livestreams without similar issues. Twitter's inability to conduct an audio-only event raises concerns. 

Fox News' Carlson averaged 3 million views. How can Twitter sustain that audience—especially with video?

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