Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on Ezekiel Elliott: You don't have to be a "rushing champion" to win a Super Bowl.

Jerry Jones appears unconcerned as Ezekiel Elliott's training camp holdout enters its second week. 

Jones, a 30-year NFL owner, noted that the Cowboys' 1992 Super Bowl win with Emmitt Smith was the first with a rushing champion.    

"The point there is you don't have to have a rushing champion to win a Super Bowl," Jones told CBS 11 from the team's Oxnard training camp.

Emmitt was first. Smith repeated the feat in 1993 and 1995 after sitting out the first two regular season games. Terrell Davis of the Broncos was the last to lead the league in rushing and win the Lombardi Trophy in 1998.

"That's one of the dilemmas at carrying back, is that the league knows that you can win Highly Bowls without the Emmitt Smith or the Zeke," Jones said.

The Cowboys are in a unique position. Dak Prescott's rookie contract expires this season, and he may get a lucrative extension.

The team reportedly wants to sign wide receiver Amari Cooper and linebacker Jaylon Smith. 

Dallas may not want to pay up for the Ohio State product, who has two years left on his rookie contract.