Chris Hemsworth has a life-changing health crisis.

Fit people generally exercise and eat well. Nothing originates. As seen on Instagram, the Australian actor takes this seriously.

He and Elsa have always lived a healthy lifestyle and posted photos and videos.

His family got devastating news a few months ago. The Thor star told that he's at high risk of Alzheimer's disease.

The 39-year-old has two copies of APOE4, a variation of apolipoprotein E, which is the biggest genetic risk factor for the condition.

Hemsworth learnt this last autumn while shooting Limitless. Hemsworth's DNA doesn't ensure dementia.

"By doing this, I not only keep my brain healthy, but I can also prevent all kinds of other chronic diseases and live a healthier and happier life," he stated in the interview.

He already ate well and exercised, but he wanted to improve certain things.

Sleep has changed my life the most. I also spend time alone now. "I'm trying to enjoy more stillness and stop feeling like I have to do something all the time," Hemsworth stated.

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