Cardi B and Offset's intimate video raises eyebrows

Offset shocked the world by posting a private video of himself and his wife, Cardi B, on Instagram Stories.

Cardi B, whose true name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus, has been married to the 31-year-old rapper since 2017. 

Despite their ups and downs, the power couple is comfortable inviting the public to see their most intimate moments.

Offset lovingly strokes Cardi's tattooed behind in the Instagram post. Cardi says, "Did you have a good day?" 

Offset immediately responds with a passionate "Yes" and "I missed you so much," ending the video.

As predicted, the tale has gotten millions of views, inspiring several viral memes. Despite the chaos, the couple's bond has strengthened. 

Offset called Cardi B his "bestie" in a Variety interview, highlighting their mutual goal to grow.

Offset's Instagram video shows the couple's ease and trust, which defines their relationship. Despite their popularity, they have shown their love freely.

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