Can Bacon Help You Shed Pounds?

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About Bacon

Low-carb diets like the ketogenic diet use bacon. On the surface, it fits that diet since it includes few carbohydrates and lots of fat.

1. Cholesterol And Fat

Bacon includes oleic acid, which is found in olive oil. Its 40% saturated fats typically overwhelm this advantage. 

2. Nutrients

Bacon is also nutritious. One cooked meal has 37 grams of protein, several vitamins, and minerals. 

3. Salt

Bacon is heavily salted during curing. A Cancer Treatment and Research study linked high-salt diets to gastric cancer. 

4. Additives

Processed meats include nitrates and nitrites. They produce nitrosamines when heated. 

5. Calories

If you're decreasing calories but not carbs, limit bacon. Uncooked slices have 110 calories. 

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