Bulls interview NBA Draft Combine top prospects

Bulls interview NBA Draft Combine top prospects

Management is treating the June 22 NBA Draft as if the Chicago Bulls had a selection.

The Bulls spoke with top prospects Brandon Miller, Nick Smith Jr., Cason Wallace, and Anthony Black at the NBA Draft Combine Wednesday.

Due diligence includes such meetings. They may give organizational information for the draft or future trade or free-agency decisions.

However, the Bulls' emphasis on so many anticipated lottery picks—including Alabama forward Miller, a very high lottery pick—is fascinating.

All lovely feelings. His appointment was "just to see where my headspace is at, kind of about my life, how I grew up," Miller said. “It's more about the bond, just talking to someone. In every job, the relationship is everything. "Build a relationship and trust someone so you know what you're getting into."

Kentucky combo guard Wallace called their encounter "good vibes." The Bulls had several nice feeling meetings but no draft selection.

Wallace, whose on-ball defense has prompted pre-draft comparisons to Milwaukee Bucks All-Star guard Jrue Holiday, said, "It was cool." “We laughed, were serious. Great people.”

Other highlights from the combine's first media day: Arkansas guard Smith Jr., who has offensive talent, said he studied DeMar DeRozan.

“His footwork is excellent. Smith Jr. remarked, "I think I can get to where he is over time." “His one- or two-dribble jumpshots. His ball placement, hands, etc. Kobe Bryant-like.

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