Bombers RB hoping Jordan Salima seeking entry

Jordan Salima, from Kansas City, Mo., was eating eggs on his bed 10 days earlier when Blue Bombers assistant General Manager and Director for US Scouting Danny McManus called.

Take advantage of instances like those when you're hired to perform and need to film swiftly and consistently.

Salima, 25, understands.  Salima entered the COVID-19 program as a player after four years at Truman State University.

His 2020 South American pro days and team training were canceled.

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Salima kept his head down and joined two spring league teams before failing. After two days in XFL camp last season, he was released.

“When you’re at home and a free agent, you don’t know what’s next,” Salima added. Control is limited.

Behind him are Johnny Augustine, who joined the Bombers in 2018, and "Nighthawk" Greg McRae, who played 15 games last season.

Salima has impressed, but he knows he must focus on special teams because injuries can happen at any time.

He called it the most important element. “Special teams are the most important part of any football program.

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