Birth Months Who Struggle With Commitment Issues

March: Since you can never be certain that the person you're with is The One, committing to them is difficult for you. 

You want to know that this person will be faithful to you forever and won't harm you the way everyone else has. That individual must love and accept you completely, flaws and all.

April: Your "I can take care of myself" attitude toward love is the root reason of your inability to commit to relationships. 

You are not willing to settle for less than you deserve or desire in a romantic partner. You like to be alone yourself, where you can focus on yourself and your needs.

May: You have commitment problems, and you have no plans to fix them. You're quite obstinate in that regard; you want to do things your own way and make up the rules as you go along.

You have a tendency to be scattered, thinking about a hundred different things at once. You have no interest in finding love or committing to someone.

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