Bat-wielding guy assaults Democratic congressman's staff

Bat-wielding guy assaults Democratic congressman's staff

A bat-wielding guy entered Fairfax Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly's district office Monday and wounded two workers.

Connolly told CNN that a metal bat was used to hit two of his aides at his office. He stated the metal bat hit a senior assistant in the head. The assailant also whacked a first-day intern in the side with a bat.

Connolly said Monday that both staffers were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries and that the City of Fairfax Police Department detained the guy.

US Capitol Police charged 49-year-old Fairfax resident Xuan Kha Tran Pham with severe malicious injury and malicious wounding.

USCP said that the suspect's motive is unknown. According to officials, the suspect was not known to the USCP.

According to his father, Pham has schizophrenia and was accused with assaulting a police officer before the case was withdrawn.

The assailant, a constituent from Connolly's district whom he doesn't know, shattered a conference room's glass and broke computers in his office. Connolly told CNN that he was enraged.

Later Monday, Connolly claimed the individual had phoned his office before.

“He had contacted our office, soliciting help on something,” Connolly told CNN. There is no evidence that the two were linked today. My workers noticed his odd comments while chatting to him. Nonetheless, harmless.”

Connolly was at a food bank ribbon cutting when the intruder drove to his office and entered. The lawmaker thinks cops responded to the emergency call in five minutes.

Pham was seen on a home security video Monday morning pursuing a lady with a bat.

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