Arkansas pastor, son in serious condition after train incident, 2 girls die.

This week, a preacher from the Crossroads Cowboy Church in Bismarck and his family were in a terrible accident.

Pastor Chad Fryar and his son are in serious condition right now because their car was hit by a train. The crash is said to have killed his two girls, who were also in the car.

Reports say that the family was driving east on Richwoods Road and crossed the Union Pacific Railroad tracks.

As the car crossed the railroad tracks, a northbound train hit the passenger side.

The car got stuck in front of the train, and both were moved about 2,400 feet before they both stopped.

The Crossroads Cowboy Church in El Paso is led by Pastor Ron Riddle, who knows Fryar and his family well.

Riddle said, "They just became a part of my own family, and we love the Fryars so much." "They came on the very first Sunday and never left."

After the crash, Riddle talked to Chad Fryar's wife, Rachel. He said that Rachel told him that the Fryars' truck had been hit.

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