After producers called Katy Perry a "nasty judge," she considered leaving American Idol

Katy Perry is bothered by social media criticism of her American Idol behavior.

According to Daily Mail, Fireworks singer wants to leave American Idol as a judge.

Katy Perry, an American Idol judge for six seasons, has been criticized online for her comments to candidates in recent months. 

Katy Perry, who feels mistreated on American Idol, wants to resign as a judge. 

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According to Daily Mail, Firework singer believes producers have "thrown her under the bus" in recent months.

Perry claims the reality show edited her to appear as a "nasty judge.

Katy Perry is unmoved by criticism, Page Six said. According to the tabloid, Perry's sense of humor may not translate well on camera, but she has no ill intent.

Katy Perry has been criticized for her contestant comments for months. She was accused of "mom-shaming.

Sara Beth Liebe after the Roar singer quipped that the mom of three had been "laying on the table too much

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