After Brandon Sklenar's Big Career Announcement, '1923' Fans Go Wild 

Brandon Sklenar became a star after appearing in the Yellowstone spin-off 1923,  

and his newest job is sure to further his notoriety. 

The It Ends With Us movie, based on the Colleen Hoover novel, 

has cast the 31-year-old actor alongside Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni. Brandon,  

who is well known for his role as Spencer Dutton in the drama 1923, 

will play Atlas Corrigan in the much awaited romance Blockbuster.

Recall that the best-selling novel It Ends With Us is about a florist (Lily Bloom, played by Blake), 

who falls for a cruel neurosurgeon (Ryle Kincaid, portrayed by Justin). Part of the love triangle is Atlas.