Aaron Judge, Blue Jays discuss dugout sneak peek scandal.

Aaron Judge, Blue Jays discuss dugout sneak peek scandal.

The blast's remarkable timing, close-up television replays, and Blue Jays broadcasters Dan Schulman and Buck Martinez's probing comments created for fascinating postgame debate.

Aaron Boone was tossed for disputing a called strike on Judge's 6-foot-7 slugger before Judge's second home run. Judge claimed he sneaked a glance due to "a lot of chirping from our dugout" while batting.

"I said a couple things to some guys in the dugout and especially after the game," Judge said. "Hopefully, it won’t happen again."

The Blue Jays weren't as eager to forget the event as Judge was.

According to The Athletic, Toronto manager John Schneider called Judge's footage "kind of odd" and said "he’s obviously looking somewhere besides the pitcher for a reason."

Jays reliever Jay Jackson or catcher Alejandro Kirk may have been tilting his throws. Schneider said the team will investigate the issues before Tuesday's game.

Judge told reporters before Tuesday's game in Toronto that he didn't like the Blue Jays' and broadcasters' remarks.

"I've got some choice words about that, but I'm just going to keep that off the record," Judge told the AP. “I’m not happy about it, but people can say what they want.

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