A.J. Brown of the Philadelphia Eagles offers advise in the aftermath of Ja Morant's suspension.

One of the most talented point guards in the NBA needs assistance of this kind, and the Eagles are all about building a strong culture.

At the same time as the team is working to surround the No. 9 overall choice, Jalen Carter,

with influential mentors, the club is also working to surround Carter with influential mentors.

After a video showing the star player Ja Morant brandishing a gun began circulating on social media late on Saturday night, 

the Memphis Grizzlies immediately placed Morant on indefinite suspension from all team activities.

A.J. Brown, an All-Pro wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, along with other sportsmen, reacted to the news by sharing their thoughts and

providing young athletes with wisdom and wise counsel in the wake of the tragic news.

This incident takes place about two months after Morant was suspended by the NBA for an incident that was quite similar to this one. The group made no more comments at this time.