7 ways that coffee is good for your health


Boosts energy

Coffee contains potentially high levels of the stimulant caffeine. Caffeine is contained in coffee.

Slims and maintains weight

Caffeine may help reduce weight by improving intestinal health and fat buildup, according to Dr. Boyer.

Boosts exercise

Coffee increased exercise in 2018. Coffee drinkers were 17% more likely to exercise.

Prevents Type 2 diabetes

Chronic type 2 diabetes impacts sugar metabolism. High blood sugar might cause major health issues.

Prevents liver disease

Liver illness, especially cirrhosis, can be fatal. Coffee may help the liver.

Reduces Alzheimer’s risk

Alzheimer's damages memory and logic. Early diagnosis and treatment hinder development.

Lowers Parkinson's risk

Parkinson's illness affects balance and mobility. Like Alzheimer's, therapies impede disease progression.

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