7 takeaways from Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Florida elections

7 takeaways from Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Florida elections

Kentucky Republicans have their candidate, Pennsylvania Democrats have their majority, and the 2024 GOP presidential primary features another Trump-DeSantis showdown.

On Tuesday, voters rejected DeSantis' last-minute GOP gubernatorial primary support in Kentucky. Democrats elected Jacksonville's first female mayor, defeating another DeSantis loyalist.

Philadelphia may soon follow. Cherelle Parker defeated two leading liberals to win the Democratic mayoral nomination.

Progressives scored better in western Pennsylvania, but the entire party celebrated a special election outcome that restored Democrats' slender legislative control with Heather Boyd's win.

Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Florida elections yielded 7 lessons.

Kentucky voters set up 2023's largest governor's contest.

Cameron's win sets up one of 2023's most crucial elections, with consequences for 2024.

Beshear's reelection might be a harbinger for next year's Senate races in Montana, Ohio, and West Virginia.

In 2019, Beshear, whose father was a two-term governor, beat Republican Gov. Matt Bevin, an unpopular incumbent who had outraged many Republicans. As predicted, he defeated nominal Democratic opposition in Tuesday's primary. 

Republicans say November's general election in the deep-red state will be competitive despite Beshear's popularity.

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