7 Machine Exercises Trainers Swear By for Rapid Weight Loss

7 Machine Exercises Trainers Swear By for Rapid Weight Loss

1. Treadmill Sled Pushes

Sled pushes—sprinting against resistance—are perfect for butt-kicking intervals. Unfortunately, not all gyms have sleds or artificial turf. Use a treadmill! Grab the grips and press the belt backward to start "running" while the machine is off. These pushes strengthen your posterior chain—glutes, hamstrings, etc.—for better outcomes than treadmill running.

2. Smith Machine Inverted Rows

Rows are the best exercise for back strength, posture, and calorie burn. A Smith machine lets you quickly modify the bar height to make it easier or tougher and track your progress to see if you're growing stronger.

3. Airdyne Bike

Airdyne bikes let you push against resistance with your legs and arms. This total-body aerobic workout smokes your body and lungs for massive fat reduction. Trust us. Interval training lets you go all-out for 15 to 30 seconds and collect your breath before doing it again for 20 to 30 minutes.

4. Rowing Machine Intervals

Rowing is another terrific calorie-burner, but don't let the name mislead you—this exercise works your bottom body as well as your upper body.

5. Seated Cable Rows

Cable machines may be the best gym "machine." Pulleys provide constant tension and resistance throughout a workout, unlike free weights, which are hardest in the middle and easy towards the end (depending on the exercise).

6. Pull-Throughs

Pull-throughs strengthen glutes and hamstrings. They teach you how to bend your hips while protecting your lower back, which applies to most athletic activities.

7. Lat Pulldowns

Lat pulldown machines are wonderful alternatives to bodyweight pull-ups if you don't have a band or don't want to use one. Thus, you can build strength and eventually accomplish bodyweight pull-ups.

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