7 Fitness Habits That Are Destroying Your Body Before 60

7 Fitness Habits That Are Destroying Your Body Before 60

Cardio is great for heart health and weight loss, but too much can be harmful. While most people don't need to worry about too much cardio, doing hours of cardio every day and skipping other forms of exercise is suboptimal for long-term, well-rounded fitness gains at any age. Balance matters. Perform aerobic, strength, and flexibility workouts.

1. Overdoing cardio

Strength training, like item #1, is essential for maintaining muscle tone, balance, bone strength, and mobility as you age. Strength training isn't only about bulking up. Neglecting strength exercise can cause muscle imbalances, weakness, and osteoporosis.

2. Neglecting strength training

Flexibility and mobility are critical for joint movement, yet many fitness programs neglect them. Ignoring stretching and mobility can cause muscle imbalances, decreased flexibility, and injury. A complete anti-aging workout regimen includes yoga, foam rolling, stretching, and full-range-of-motion exercises.

3. Skipping stretching and mobility work

Maintaining your fitness program is crucial, but so is resting and recovering. Overtraining can reduce immunological function, hormone imbalances, injury risk, and motivation. To recover and benefit from your fitness regimen, take a full day off every two days.

4. Not giving your body time to recover

Resistance training and other intensive exercise can cause discomfort, but pain is a sign that something is wrong. Ignoring pain might cause long-term problems. Stop, review your form, and see a doctor if you "feel it" in your knee or lower back while exercising.

5. Ignoring pain

Water regulates temperature, transports nutrients, and maintains joint health. Despite this, many don't drink enough water daily. Dehydration causes fatigue, constipation, lightheadedness, and other symptoms. Chronic dehydration can cause kidney problems and death. If you sweat a lot during exercise, drink water or an electrolyte drink, especially if you follow a low-salt diet.

6. Not getting adequate hydration

Resistance training should emphasize compound motions that work many muscle groups. Isolation exercises help sculpt and rehab. Overemphasizing them at the expense of complex exercises can cause muscular imbalances and deprive you of the benefits of functional activities like squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, and overhead presses. Resistance workouts should comprise three to four compound exercises and one or two isolated exercises.

7. Overemphasizing isolation exercises

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