7 Best Daily Leg Exercises for Women After 50

7 Best Daily Leg Exercises for Women After 50

1. Squats

"The humble squat plays a crucial role in daily life, just as it does in an excellent lower-body workout, so this movement is important to train consistently," explains McNulty.

2. Step-ups

step-ups improve lower body range of motion and can be done anywhere. "Because these work one leg at a time, they also minimize the chance that you'll compensate with one leg more than the other."

3. Side Lunges

"Side lunges activate the adductor and abductor muscles inside and outside of your thighs in addition to working the quads and glutes. Long-term hip stability benefits from maintaining the strength of all these muscles

4. Front-and-Back Lunges

As you get older, being able to balance on one leg is crucial for general stability. In fact, the single-leg stance test is a good predictor of older persons' risk of falling, according to McNulty. "To maximize the time you spend stabilizing yourself on one leg at a time, try to minimize pauses between the front and back portions of these reps during these lunges."

5. Side Lying Leg Raises

Side lying leg raises are another exercise that strengthens the hips and stabilizes the entire core, as well as the hip abductors on the outside of the thighs, sides of the abs, and glutes

6. Stiff-Leg Deadlifts

"Stiff-legged deadlifts work the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back," claims McNulty. "Ideally, you should use weights for this workout. To add resistance, you could just as easily hold some gallon jugs or anything else you have lying around the house.

7. Flutter Kicks

"While you might think of flutter kicks as an ab workout, they also target the quads and hip flexors. Take it slow with these, and until you need a break, don't let your feet touch the ground between reps

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