6 Paint Colors That Will Boost Your Mood, According to Expert


Your favorite spa may be painted a soothing blue or green. Your bakery and gym may have bubblegum pink walls and bright red or yellow accents.

Yellow increases serotonin synthesis, which makes the brain and neurological system feel good, according to research.

Creamy yellow 

Lawless says blue is the most preferred color because it symbolizes the sky and environment. "Blues calm and relax."

Light blue 

Orange is a love-or-hate color, yet all the experts we spoke to recommended it to increase mood.


It soothes people and is utilized by health-focused companies to symbolize healing and renewal, like spring flowers.

Earthy green

A gentle blush is sweeter and may be applied with various colors. This relaxing color works like off-white, light gray, or beige.

Blush pink

White reflects sunshine best, and vitamin D from sunlight boosts mood and spirit.


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