5 Nighttime Habits Secretly Increasing Your Belly Fat

5 Nighttime Habits Secretly Increasing Your Belly Fat

1. Drinking a glass of milk before bedtime

Before going to bed, some people like to drink warm milk. It makes sense given that tryptophan, an amino acid that can promote relaxation and improve mood, is present in large quantities in this beverage. The bad news is that eating more calories won't help you lose weight.

2. Getting lost scrolling through social media

Stop scrolling before bed! "The blue light emitted from cell phones and computers suppresses melatonin and disrupts circadian rhythm and a good night's sleep," explain The Nutrition Twins. The brain desires sugar and energy when you don't sleep well. Overeating sweets to stay awake is easy. Without enough sleep, hormones affect metabolism-boosting lean muscle tissue and make it simpler to build body fat.

3. Having caffeine

Caffeine kills sleep. A strong cup of coffee late in the day can keep you up at night. Caffeine six hours before bedtime can disrupt sleep, according to a Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine study. This applies to sleep and weight growth. According to Harvard Health Publishing, sleep deprivation raises ghrelin levels, making you hungry and contributing to weight gain.

4. Staying up to binge-watch TV

Binging on TV programmes might lead to binging on unhealthy eats! Research links streaming TV to a bad diet and increased calorie intake. Ads can also make you want unhealthy eats while watching TV!

5. Having meals too close to sleep

Eating before bed is a big no-no. The Nutrition Twins recommend eating your final meal three hours before bed. "When we sleep, we shut down digestion and work on repairing and healing our body," they say. Food in the gut distracts the body from healing. The body reserves energy, restores, and repairs when you sleep, so those calories aren't used well and can become belly fat."

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