5 Must-Do Exercises for Six-Pack Abs

5 Must-Do Exercises for Six-Pack Abs

Plank Rows need you to keep your hips from falling mid-exercise. Planks function best when you tighten your glutes, lats, and hips. Dumbbell rows add anti-rotation to your plank by focusing on maintaining a strong core.

Plank Row

Due to its capacity to load weight and press over a wide range of motion during spinal flexion, this old-school ab-attacking classic is making a comeback. Saladino says he's done cable crunches twice in his life. I haven't removed it because I like loaded things. This is one of my go-tos for abs resistance.

Cable Crunch

Another classic core move gaining popularity in modern fitness. It's one of the best core exercises when done correctly. Too many folks lose tension during ab wheel rollouts because to lumbar strain or not owning the technique. Sometimes shoulder weakness or mobility affects positioning. A successful launch requires patience. Slowly complete each rep. Two or three great rollouts are better than 10 to 12 bad ones.

Ab-Wheel Rollout

Samuel compares hanging leg raises to vertical hollow holds. Hanging is heavy labour. As you resist the impulse to swing, you work your core, grip, lat, and shoulder mobility. Leg positioning adjusts leg raise difficulty. A knee rise makes the job easier, whereas a straight-leg lift makes it harder. 

Hanging Leg Raise

Besides core strength, the farmer's carry is a useful fitness building block. Carries let you move big loads. Core work improves posture, strength, cardio, and fat burning.

Farmer’s Carry

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