5 Mistakes Women Make That Slow Their Metabolism

5 Mistakes Women Make That Slow Their Metabolism

1. Going vegan

Plant-based food has many health benefits, but if you don't replace animal protein with other protein sources, you won't get enough "metabolism-boosting protein." Cereals, spaghetti, and other grains will also be too tempting.High-carb diets inhibit metabolism, according to research.

2. Prioritizing yoga and stretching

Yoga and stretching keep joints and muscles limber and youthful. The Nutrition Twins caution, "You're missing a big piece of the metabolism/weight loss puzzle" if you favor these forms of exercise above strength training. "If we don't strength train, women lose up to 8% of lean muscle tissue per decade after 30 (and typically replace it with fat!" they say. 

3. Having salads as your main meals

Fresh fruits and leafy greens are great for your health. However, eating salads without protein like cheese, eggs, or beans is a mistake. "You'll be skimping on the protein you need to support your lean muscle tissue, so you likely could lose metabolism-revving lean muscle tissue," The Nutrition Twins explain. "In our experience, most women benefit from about 20 grams of protein per meal."

4. Scrolling through social media before heading to sleep

"Not only do you stay up later and cut into precious sleep time, but blue light negatively impacts quality sleep by interfering with melatonin production and disrupting circadian rhythm," The Nutrition Twins say. "One study showed that ongoing sleep restriction in combination with circadian rhythm disruption slowed resting metabolic rate by 8%."

5. Following a juice "detox" cleanse

"If you're hoping to jumpstart weight loss by going on juice "detox", you may want to think again," The Nutrition Twins caution. Many of these cleanses lack protein and calories to build lean muscle. You'll burn muscle for energy.

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