5 fun things to do for Memorial Day weekend in N.H.

5 fun things to do for Memorial Day weekend in N.H.

This Memorial Day weekend in New Hampshire will be the symbolic start of summer, with sunny and warm weather. It will be a great time to enjoy all that the state has to offer and remember those who have made it possible.

There will be a lot of parades and events all over the state to honor heroes of the US military and remember those who died while serving. Some towns will have events on Sunday, including Bedford, Fremont, and Greenfield. 

Most concerts and events, though, will happen on Memorial Day itself. (Ask local leaders when and where to find out more.)

There will be a lot to do in New Hampshire between now and Monday. Here are five fun things you might want to do this weekend if you still have time:

1. Find your 'zany' way up Mt. Washington

These many bumper stickers make it look like a lot of ordinary cars have driven up Mt. Washington. But for those who want to get to the top in a more creative way, Alton Weagle Day is an event that supports campy style. 

2. Shop in North Conway for arts and crafts If you like hand-made things, you should go to the craft show at Schouler Park in downtown North Conway on Saturday and Sunday. It runs every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The 125 vendors will have jewelry, art, and a lot of other things for sale.

3. Help a duck race in Jackson, At the Wildquack Duck Race in Jackson, you could choose either four regular-sized rubber ducks or one olympic-sized duck for $20. Buy your giveaway tickets online before the event. Live music, fair food, and other events start on Sunday morning. The first race starts at 1:45 p.m. There is no charge.

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