5 Eating Habits for Rapid Weight Loss After 50

5 Eating Habits for Rapid Weight Loss After 50

1. Include 20 to 30 grams of protein per meal.

Protein aids weight loss. The Nutrition Twins call it a "satiating macronutrient" that stabilizes blood sugar and keeps you satisfied after a protein-packed meal. Protein helps you maintain lean muscular tissue, which burns more calories than fat, powering your metabolism. The Nutrition Twins recommend 20–30 grams of protein per meal.

2. Have fiber-packed non-starchy veggies at the start of your meal.

Start your meal with fiber-rich non-starchy vegetables. Why? The Nutrition Twins say, "The fiber slows digestion, and when eaten at the beginning of the meal will help to stabilize your blood sugar so that when you eat carbs, the carb's ability to spike blood sugar will be blunted."

3. Make more homemade meals.

Homemade meals are the most satisfying. You also know the fresh, healthful ingredients and can control portion proportions! Young advises eating more home-cooked meals to lose weight. She emphasizes, "Eating out less frequently and cooking more at home is a great way to live a healthier lifestyle and has been linked to weight loss."

4. Add more produce to your day.

Next time you shop, add more fresh produce. "Produce is one of the best foods to incorporate into your diet for effective weight loss," Young says. They're low-calorie and high-fiber. There have been various studies that pay particular attention to the individuals increasing their produce intake. These studies show that eating more produce and variety is connected to lower body weight, waist circumference, and body fat.

5. Select wholesome, unprocessed carbs.

Blood sugar spikes? Avoid ultra-processed, refined doughy carbs like bagels, crackers, cookies, and pastries, which can cause the increase. "Nothing spikes your blood sugar more than highly refined carbs—the body recognizes them as sugar and responds by kicking out a lot of insulin to lower blood sugar, which typically results in a sugar crash," The Nutrition Twins say. Try unprocessed carbs instead.

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