3 Breakfast Beverages That Doctors Say Are Ruining Your Metabolism

3 Breakfast Beverages That Doctors Say Are Ruining Your Metabolism

1. Sugary fruit juice

Fruit juice's connection to fruit makes it simple to believe that it is nutritious. Fruit is unquestionably a fantastic supplement to any diet, but Adegbola cautions that juice is a different story, particularly when it's pre-packaged. This is due to the fact that it frequently contains a lot of sugar, which when drunk in excess can result in a number of health problems.

"Many commercially available juices contain large quantities of added sugar that could quickly spike blood sugar and insulin levels, leading to an energy crash later and possibly slowing metabolism," she explains. She suggests full fruit. Homemade juice without sweets is the best way to drink juice. "Vegetable juices tend to contain even less added sugar," Adegbola says. These vegetables are ideal for green juice.

2. Sweetened plant-based milk

Non-dairy, plant-based milks are undoubtedly popular right now in the wellness industry. When selecting your milk, it's crucial to pay attention to the nutrition label. It turns out that a lot of kinds have extra sugar or other sweets, which could eventually harm your metabolism.

"Many plant-based milks such as almond, coconut, and soy contain added sugars and artificial flavors which could negatively impact your metabolism," Adegbola says. She recommends unsweetened, simple non-dairy milks for best nutrients. "Add cinnamon or vanilla if desired." Yum!

3. Sugary coffee drinks

A cup of coffee in the morning can be a terrific way to give yourself the caffeine boost you need to get through the day. In fact, it's possible that drinking black coffee will help you lose weight. The risk to your health (and metabolism) arises when you add a lot of creamer, sugar, and other sweet substances to the mixture. Therefore, it would be wise to avoid placing any special Starbucks orders.

While these tempting drinks may taste good, Adegbola cautions that they frequently have excess calories and sugar that can lead to weight gain and slowed metabolism.

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