Tom Brady may leave the $375 million Fox deal

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Is it possible for Tom Brady to walk away from his 375 million dollar agreement with Fox? That is a plausible alternative explanation.

Andrew Marchand, a reporter for the media department of the New York Post, discussed the topic in the most recent edition of his podcast, titled “Marchand & Ourand Sports Media Podcast,” published on Wednesday.

During the episode, Marchand discussed his thoughts on whether or not he believes Brady will end up working for Fox. According to Marchand, he now believes there is a fifty-one per cent probability that Brady will not wind up becoming an announcer for Fox.

“It had been at 51 percent that he’s going to do it to 49 percent, with the explanation being that it’s so much money that he’ll try it for a year. However, I recently spoke with a couple of people who are close to Brady, and I have the impression that I’m going to have a 49 percent chance that he does it, and a 51 percent chance that he doesn’t,” Marchand said.

Marchand thinks that the amount of travel required and the degree of dedication needed to call games at a high level might be barriers.

“I don’t believe that he strongly desires to go on so many trips. Brady is the type of person who goes all in when he commits to anything. If he does it, it will be a four-day event because he’s going to turn after that the day of the games; if he does it, he will be there early.

Marchand pointed out that spending time with his children is one of Brady’s top priorities, and he also mentioned that the former quarterback has other opportunities to earn money.

It will be the 2024 season before we see Brady in the broadcast booth for Fox if that ever happens.

The conclusion that Marchand has drawn is partially unexpected. Joe Buck stated in an interview from the previous year that people are working for Fox who wouldn’t be surprised if Brady ended up not working for them even though they had a deal with him.

During his 23-year playing career, Brady amassed over $332 million in earnings. That sum does not consider the compensation he received for endorsement deals. Because Brady continued to play football until he was 45 years old, so he has already sacrificed a significant amount of time with his family. Therefore, he must choose whether the large Fox deal is worth the time and effort.

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