Randy's Rants

Randy's Rants

Randy’s Rants

By Randy Schmidt, Publisher

It’s been 20 days since Bruce Randall Lott shot and killed Pepper. It’s been a week since we brought you the story. Public out cry is loud and clear, this will not get swept under the proverbial rug. 

Pepper’s owner, Amy Boulanger, has spoken with  Assistant District Attorney, Nick Socias, who is looking at the shooting as a cruelty to animal case. Which is a felony.

Hill Country Weekly subscriber Peyton Turk, shared an article with us about a strangely similar case. The story was written in the September 9, 2004 edition, of The Hill Country View, a Marie Hick’s owned paper, prior to The Hill Country Weekly. 

A part time Kendall County rancher, Charles Clements and his son Andrew killed a neighbor’s dog for chasing ducks (they later changed the story to turkeys?) on their property.

When LaWana Basler asked if they had seen her lost dog, the dastardly duo said no, and never brought up the fact that they had shot a dog that resembled Gracie’s description. 

It wasn’t until the family noted buzzards, that they crossed over to Clement’s property  and  discovered  Gracie’s body.

When LaWana and her friends went to retrieve the body, a verbal altercation occurred with the Clements. The sheriff’s department was called. After  speaking with deputies, LaWana recovered her dog’s body and buried it.

The next day deputies issued criminal trespassing warnings to LaWana and her friends. They told deputies that Clements had threatened to shoot them while they were recovering the body. One of the deputies told LaWana that Clements had every right to shoot her and her friends for just being on his property. Ah, that would be wrong information. 

The deputy went on to say that Clements was able to legally shoot Gracie if he believed she was a threat to wildlife on his property. Wrong again, deputy.

The next day, LaWana Basler dug up her dog so local veterinarian Paul Morrison could determine the cause of death. According to Morrison, a radiological examination revealed 17 bullets in Grace’s neck and head. A .22 caliber slug was removed from the body for evidence.

Charles Clement says he told his son to shoot the dog with a scoped 30.06, which purportedly killed the dog. Neither man could explain the seventeen .22 slugs in Gracie’s hard and neck.

This is tough, I know, but it’s been fifteen years between Gracie and Pepper.

We hunt, ranch, ride horses and enjoy a western life style. But this isn’t the wild, wild west anymore.

Bruce Randall Lott admitted he shot and killed Pepper.’

It’s now up to the district attorney’s office to administer justice. The case is in very capable hands. 

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