Randy's Rants

Randy's Rants

Randy’s Rants: The Boerne Star disappoints, again.

The Boerne Star happens to be my second favorite paper. But the last couple of columns that Keith wrote, patting themselves on the back, compelled me to speak out.

They  don’t think they have any competition. Well, that’s because all they think about is themselves and their whitewashed view of the county.

We all are in competition for your time. There are many things you could be doing besides reading a boring account of something. Or worse.  And for the record, “I would much rather be the paper of interest than the paper of record.”

I’ve lived in Boerne for 15 years. Justina and I used to take The Star. And when I drove to San Antonio everyday, it was refreshing to read about the happenings in Mayberry.

Then I met Marie Hicks, a pillar of the newspaper business in San Antonio and Kendall County. I bought the paper from Marie, and we were going to take it to new heights, to make a difference in news reporting. To not dodge issues and give the citizens of Kendall County the exposure to what was happening in local government. She passed away within days of the sale. A dear friend of Marie’s told me she could finally let go. She had found someone to love her baby as much as she did. She was at peace.

Boys and girls, I’ll take that compliment any day over the experience that numerous newspaper jobs have provided Keith and Jeff. And what the heck does all their experience mean to me, living here in Kendall County?

Speaking of that. Reminds me when people go around telling everyone they are Christian. Why they feel compelled to say this is beyond me. Act like a Christian, I’ll know.

I changed printers. The Kerrville Daily Times prints The Weekly. The publisher, Neice Bell acted like we were spending a fortune. She bent over backwards to help and mentor me. Her philosophy was, I’m a newspaper woman and I want every paper to prosper, to make it. The newspaper business is dying. She is doing everything in her power to help weekly papers succeed. Not just this one.

How can The Star claim to be number one when they printed the District Attorney’s press release as  a “staff report?” They were not at the trial.

How can they claim to be number one when you don’t see Fair Oaks Ranch Police reports in their paper? Want to know why? Someone has to drive over there and get the reports. Boerne and Kendall County email the reports. I personally drive over there. That’s what you do when your readers are number one.

I do not possess Journalist Integetity. I’m not a journalist. But I fight for truth and justice. I have integrity, the plain old everyday stuff.

The Boerne Star prints more papers than anyone in Kendall County. This does not make them number one. Or the best. As of 2017, there were about 44,000 people living in Kendall County. The Star would have you believe that almost 32,000 people read the Star on a weekly basis. Jeff published those numbers on the front page last week. Really? Is this some type of new math? Doesn’t add up.

Jeff used those circulation figures to promote “The Best of The Best,” which is an advertising campaign designed to generate dollars and sell papers during that campaign. 

Is this how the number one paper in the county should do business? Is this that “journalistic integrity” Keith almost breaks his arm patting himself on the back all about? If the Star really is number one, and I’m not sure how they quantify that other than size, shouldn’t the “Best of The Best” have a newspaper category?

Now you know why I affectionately refer to The Boerne Star as the same old BS.

Next Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day, Marie would have turned 86. She was the same age as my Mom who passed away on December 3, 2019, having survived a stroke for twelve years. My Mom was so excited when I got The Weekly. After she passed away, I found out she was the editor of her High School newspaper. Say hi to Marie for me.

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