Randy's Rants

Randy's Rants

Randy’s Rants

Randy Schmidt | Publisher

I’ve never really cared for social media; maybe because I’ve never really been very sociable. My Mom gave me a poster back in the seventies that said, “being a loner isn’t lonely. It’s just not wanting to put all your marbles in one pocket.”

As a salesperson for most of my life, I found media buyers hide behind their emails. Voicemail, text, fax and email are all enemies of a good communicator. I know. I used to be one.

Roy Elizondo, Mayor Pro Tem of Fair Oaks Ranch sent The Weekly a letter to the editor last week. We did not print it. The reason: it went into our junk folder and we did not see it. We knew nothing about it until he started whining on Next Door that we did not print it. As you know, I’ll print just about anything of interest, whether it be for or against The Weekly.

When Mayor Manitzas asks for something to be printed, he follows up to make sure we received it. Same with Mayor Handren, Judge Lux, Commissioners Durden and Bergmann. You get the point. No call from Roy to confirm receipt. No call after the letter did not run last week. Nope, he decided to air it out on social media.

Ya see, he was upset that our dedicated Fair Oaks writer accused him of hiding behind social media. I think Roy proved her point.

Fair Oaks is a hotbed of controversy lately. I asked the President to speak to the Fair Oaks Ranch Homeowners Association Board. To try and get a place at the table. It is a private club, so they don’t have to let the press attend. But they complain about what we write and our sources (by the way our sources do attend the meetings). I pleaded with the board to let our writer to attend, to get the feel of the room, to not just write about facts, but the emotion. I learned long ago that it is very helpful to actually see someone say their piece. Carolyn, the President, told me the board rejected my request. And I truly understand. Some will say, “what do they have to hide?” I say, “it’s their bat and ball.” She and I have a mutual respect for each others’ positions. To be honest, Carolyn, I’ve been excluded from far better places than FORHA.

People, please read the column headers. The opinions expressed in The Weekly are not necessarily ours. We print for you. This is your paper. We try not to editorialize in our news stories.

Last week you could just feel the emotion in Arielle’s story  “Was there justice for Sydney?” You could feel the emotion, running down your cheeks, but not the opinions.

People are quick to bash the paper like it’s FaceBook or some other digital page, not a community paper.

Do we follow AP style rules? Nope, we follow our head, our heart and our community.  We attempt to give you what you want, and introduce different things, in different ways to absorb.

By the way, I saw a miracle on West Bandera yesterday. A man in a car let someone cut in front of him to get onto HEB. Instead of honking, the truck behind him let the next person go. It was a beautiful sight to see.  All these Christians in their motor vehicles, actually acting like Christians.

Well, I’m out of space. I’m going to go play with my marbles before I lose them all.

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