Randy's Rants

Randy's Rants

Randy’s Rants

Last week we printed an anonymous letter sent to the Publisher. For those of you that don’t know, that’s me, Randy. And from this day forward, the letter writer will be known as Mr. A.

The Weekly has received phone calls, emails and in person visits asking why would you print that?

After all, it goes against the norm for a newspaper to publish an anonymous letter.

Well folks, I got to asking myself, why would you print it? Hadn’t really thought about it to that point. So I asked the staff.

The most obvious answer, the quick answer was,  because we can, because we wanted to and because it matters.

There is so much the media doesn’t report because it doesn’t fit into box, a category or the rule book.

We believe rules were meant to be bent. If you don’t know that about The Weekly by now, we have failed you.

  First of all, the letter was sent to the Publisher, not the Editor. There are rules and guidelines that govern letters to the editor, on page four, which Matt McCall pointed out in a letter that was hand delivered and and in an email to me from Ron Cisneros. Andrew Hicks had heard about Mr. A’s letter and stoppa Mr. A, even Christina Bergmann emailed us with her thoughts about the content of his anonymous letter.

Letters to the Publisher do not fall under our rules for letters to the Editor. I discussed this with two Publisher colleagues. By the way, neither of them would have printed the letter. But one did say, she would print it if she were me in Boerne Texas. Because she would be the owner, without  corporate to answer to.

The Sheriff did not try and barter ten patrol vehicles for the deputies salary, it was four. Did Mr. A not read, listen in court or see the editorial cartoon that I paid extra money for? There were only four vehicles on the scale of justice.

Mr. A, come on, “reliable chatter”, that’s almost as sad as you  not signing the letter. Are there quotas for tickets? Probably. Probably everywhere.

Was the Sheriff grandstanding at the absolute last minute? Sure he was. But this is after numerous attempts (think years) to engage the commissioners in a performance plan for his personnel. How does one get there from here? How do we advance? Giving employees a roadmap is not too much to ask. Mr. A, politicians run for re-election all the time. Can’t think of a much better platform than adequate pay for first responders. Shame on you, Sheriff.

I haven’t had many conversations with our Sheriff. I know him by his actions. I am impressed. Are we friends? No. Is the paper on his side  No.

The letter from Mr. A is in a small way what is wrong with America today. We hide behind computer screens, tablets and phones. We lash out  because we have forgotten how to communicate.

That we are responsible for all we say and do.

Well, not this cowboy. I play bet the business every week. Bet that we will inform you and entertain you in a way that will make you come back the next week. That you will realize, when I say “I do it my way”, that “my way” is for you. Everything is for you. This is really your paper. We are on your side. Maybe that is why I printed Mr. A’s letter.

Look, newspapers are dropping like flies all over the country. There is almost no money to be made. Thankfully, I made enough money in my career to afford a newspaper, one that I believe does and will continue to represent what is important to the citizens of Kendall County.

By the way, my landlords, the DA’s parents, just raised the rent. Guess I don’t have that favored son status one might think.

Mr. A is so sad. How  would it be to live with the fact that the only way your letter would be less meaningful, is if you had signed your name to it.

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