Randy's Rants

Randy's Rants

Randy’s Rants

What’s wrong with America in one simple word: Speeding.

Almost everyone reading this rant is guilty. We teach our kids it’s ok to break the law, and there is a fudge factor built in  driving and in short, life, and obeying the law. Monkey see, monkey do. Sitting in the back seat they hear mom say,” Honey, you’re driving too fast.”

The response, “you never get a ticket for just 10 miles over the speed limit on the I-10”. Remember, little pitchers have big ears.

It gets ingrained and maybe that becomes life in general. So we fudge, or cheat, on everything, because it’s an “all is negotiable” attitude that has eaten away at our morals and principles.

Speeding is like a gateway drug. Next, comes the hard stuff. Taxes, relationships, how we treat others…. on and on. Before you get all uppity on me, I’ve had my share of speeding tickets. The biggest, 110 mph in a 40 mph zone in Bandera County.

Yep, riding up to the Old Spanish Trail restaurant, during what used to be called the Bandera Breakfast Run. Every Saturday morning, motorcyclists would meet and ride up to have breakfast. Some rode faster than others.

The time I was on an R75/6 BMW riding back from Los Angeles. I was stopped in Clinton County for 85 in a 55 mph zone. So it’s a miracle I have a license. Thank you Mark Sideman. Mark helped me with my first ticket in August 1970. And yes, it was for speeding on a motorcycle. Now friends think that they can turn back time by driving way too fast. And I believe it effects their life in general. And their happiness.

Like everything else, the roads and drivers have changed. We didn’t have cell phones and texting or Rush. We don’t spend as much time with our kids as we used to, but a lot of it is in the car. So the next time you’re speeding remember who is watching, and I’m not talking about the law. The sign says Speed Limit.

Sonic on Bandera Road has gotten a lot of grief on social media lately. Posts are trashing the people that work there and their commitment to good service.  Well, boys and girls, I say the fault lies with the franchisee. The place is a disaster waiting to happen.

A couple of weeks ago a truck hit the canopy over the drive thru speaker. Took way too long to repair. Speaking of the speaker, it sucks, always has. It is way too loud or you can’t hear them. In 2019 this is unacceptable.

How can the owner not see the place needs to be pressure washed? Under the canopy’s sidewalks and drive, the place looks disgusting. Take down the credit card readers that are not used anymore and replace the faded yellow and red trim.

The glass window should be cleaned several times a day, come on now! Have you ever been to a Chick Fil A drive thru?  This should be your modus operandi during your happy hour.

Train your employees.They all seem to be caring and attentive. It’s the hardware that sucks. Of course, social media had to bring up Buckee’s. How they will steal every fast food employee in the county. So start now, grow your own and give them a reason to stay.

There is a young lady working at Sonic with her leg in a cast.This morning she was on her little scooter cleaning the  tables outside. She has been our car hop before, and she is great. I would like to hire her, but l’ll bet she makes a small fortune in tips. She is friendly, throws in the right amount of “honey’s” or “babe” and acts like she enjoys her work.

To me, the scariest thing when looking at this Sonic is how we are looking at what will most likely happen to Whataburger as they begin to grow. Franchisees, just like Sonics, Burger Kings and the rest.

Maybe not in the San Antonio area, most are very established owners. But with growth comes….well, let’s just say they won’t be as picky. I’ve never seen a Sonic as clean or organized as a Whataburger.

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