Randy's Rants

Randy's Rants

Randy’s Rants

By Randy Schmidt, Publisher

When I was a kid my grandmother gave me a series of books, “I want to be” a… Policeman, Fireman, Doctor or Postman. 

A book would arrive, by mail, for Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter and sometimes just because. 

 I remembering visiting her during the summers and on vacations. 

She had a little card shop and I’d go to work with her and help out, more like get in the way and sometimes trouble. 

One of the highlights of the day was when the postman came by. He was funny and always had good stories and always on time.

 When I’d go to my other grandparents in Bonner Springs, Kansas, they would let me ride their horse old Ribbon up to the road to pick up the mail. 

That was the only time I could take her up to the road. The mail was that important. In my own mind, I was kinda like the Pony Express.  

I bought my first home in 1980, and borrowed the money from a little German lady named Myrtha Gersdorff. Every month I’d mail her my payment book and every month she would mail it back, for ten years without a hiccup. 

 Like most of you, my idea of what a mailman is and the Post Office was were forged early on. A Postman was right up there with a Policeman, Fireman and Doctor. It was a respected position, and a big part of your day, wherever you lived.

Dads would come home from work and the first thing out of their mouth was “honey, did we get any mail?”

 Here we are in the digital age, nothing is like it was, and sometimes that can be good or it can be bad. 

 So what is the role of the Post Office in 2019? Where on the totem pole is the mail carrier today.  

Well, friends, I ask myself that question every week about this newspaper. What role does a weekly paper play in people’s lives in 2019? 

I say, like life in general, it’s what you make of it. You must change and evolve or die. 

How can I serve my route to be relevant today? What can I do with the tools and constraints on my job today? What can I offer that no one else can?

 Most that care about the mail and it’s timely delivery had our ideals about the Post Office forged many years ago, when the world was different place. 

But we are all still here, let’s figure it out Mr Post Office. 

You know the old “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” 

I’ll close with this. Yesterday I got home and checked my mail box that is out on the street. 

There was a note that said, “I put your package at the entrance by the little barbed wire fence. Thanks, J.”

That, my friends, is service. That is the modern day Pony Express.

That’s the postman that I knew back at my grandmother KK’s.

So don’t give me any BS about that was then and this is now. 

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