On July 25, during the first quarter moon, 3 zodiac signs find love with a mutual friend

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The First Quarter Moon symbolizes the optimism we have at the beginning of a romantic relationship. It’s about fresh starts and falling in love; it’s about that one moment in life when everything looks promising. This is the season for falling in love but not yet being in a committed relationship; this is the romantic period before we really begin.

On July 25, 2023, we’ll start to experience the first stirrings of this love as our passions refocus on a buddy we haven’t always seen this way. It doesn’t matter if this individual is a coworker or a longtime acquaintance; during the First Quarter Moon in Scorpio, we all have a sudden interest in getting to know this person better.

This transit is just getting started; it’s the ‘first’ of its type, and thus yet all it knows is that it could become ‘full’ at some time. This also applies to humans and in particular those born under three specific astrological signs. With its transiting position in Scorpio, the Moon exerts its influence on our feeling of equilibrium and our perception of what is ‘right’ for us. On July 25, 2023, we finally recognize our buddies for who they truly are, and the realization hits us like a ton of bricks.

Our acquaintance is definitely not your typical Joe. It’s possible we’ve always seen a certain shine in them, but it wasn’t until July 25, 2023, that we saw that shine as romantic. Of course! Having a shared past between two people makes dating them easier. The candidates have moved on from being friendly during the First Quarter Moon in Scorpio. It’s time for a change of pace.

On July 25, love strikes for three zodiac signs:


The person you’re beginning to develop feelings for is a close friend, so at first, you weren’t sure whether what you were experiencing was genuinely infatuation. But now that you think about it, this person is actually doing something rather shocking to you: they are wooing you, Aries. You’re absolutely right. Your reliable and trustworthy companion has crossed the line into romantic relationships, and you have no idea. They are flirting with you, and you seem to like it. Oh, okay.

The events of July 25, 2023, will make you feel like they were predestined. You know and trust this person, and it’s not like they’re engaging in any sort of questionable behavior. They’re just…kissing and you’re going to play along with it as the First Quarter Moon in Scorpio rises in the sky because you know what? You’ve always wanted this to happen. Manifesting success to you, Aries!


You didn’t see that one coming, but you can identify it now that it’s here. You and a close buddy have just begun to develop romantic feelings for one another. Who can say? It’s the 25th of July, 2023, and the First Quarter Moon is in Scorpio. Your bond with a close friend will be a source of comfort, yet something will shift during a talk you have today.

first quarter moon

How feasible is that? Friend, can you fall in love with this person? Obviously, Leo, they might be interested in more than just friendship with you, and it’s evident that they’re prepared to make that known. You’re brave for attempting this. What seems frightening at first will eventually make perfect sense to you. What took you so long?


If you’re going to fall in love with anyone, it might as well be a buddy, and lo and behold, that’s exactly what’s happening. On the evening of July 25, 2023, the First Quarter Moon will transit Scorpio, and thanks to the pervasive Leo energy and the belief that anything is possible in love, you and your friend will share one of those moments where you stare into each other’s eyes and then share a passionate kiss.

Oh my god, it’s going to happen, and you two are so close that you’ll be able to laugh it off together. But it doesn’t imply this is just a one-time kiss; on the contrary, it’s the beginning of something beautiful. It’s hard to conceive of falling in love with a buddy. When you can make it happen, why waste time fantasizing?


It’s vital to recognize that astrology can be a pleasant and engaging method to examine the intricacies of human relationships as we wrap up our investigation of zodiac signs and their ability to fall in love during the first quarter moon on July 25, 2023. The post provides a lighthearted look at the possible effects of astronomical phenomena on love affairs. The thought that the first quarter moon may have an impact on our romantic life is intriguing, but we should take astrology with a grain of salt and not use it as gospel. True love has many facets and is an introspective journey that can’t be predicted by stars and planets.


Q1. Is it possible for someone to fall in love during the first quarter moon?

The idea that astronomical phenomena like the first quarter moon might trigger romantic feelings is unproven by science. Love is a multifaceted phenomenon that depends on many internal and external forces interacting with one another.

Q2. Is it possible to trust astrology to foresee romantic partnerships?

It might be intriguing to investigate the compatibility between zodiac signs based on astrological predictions about their shared qualities and characteristics. However, it is not prudent to depend entirely on astrological variables to foretell romantic partnerships. Communication, understanding, and shared beliefs are the cornerstones of a strong partnership.

Q3. Should I try to find a partner during the first quarter moon?

Whether or whether you decide to look for a significant other during this time is up to you. Though appealing in theory, it’s crucial to keep in mind that true love isn’t contingent on the alignment of the planets.

Q4. When it comes to meeting my soulmate, can astrology help?

Zodiac sign compatibility and character attributes can be better understood with the help of astrology. A soulmate is someone with whom you form a profound emotional bond and with whom you may accomplish great things in life regardless of astrological compatibility.

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