McCall urges voters to put her in Precinct 1 Commissioner’s seat

Jennifer McCall | Candidate, Precinct 1 Commissioner


My name is Jennifer McCall and I am running for Kendall County Commissioner Precinct 1. Over the last 27 years, I have been incredibly blessed to live in Kendall County where my husband and I have raised our four children. Over the years, I have continually worked for my husband’s business and have been the manager for our properties. For the past four years I have also been an instructor at the YMCA of Boerne where I have met many wonderful people and developed deep and lasting friendships.

In 2018 approximately 26 miles of road, forming a loop around Boerne, was being proposed for Kendall County. We did not hear about it from our local officials; we heard about it through social media and word of mouth. If it weren’t for Citizens informing Citizens, few would have known about the loop and its potential impact on hundreds of Kendall County landowners.

It took a monumental effort of the Citizens to be heard by their elected officials. At the Kendall County Commissioners Court public hearings, with extremely emotional testimonies, the overwhelming majority of the residents did not want the loop. At the conclusion of the hearings, only the Commissioner of Precinct 1 cast a vote to continue the proposed loop, not reflecting the voices of the Citizens. It was because of the way this process was handled, I decided to get involved. I am not a politician, I am a concerned taxpayer like you. I have attended Commissioners Court regularly to see how County government operates.

In doing so, I realized there was a lack of communication between the Commissioners and the Citizens they are representing. Those who would have been affected by the loop shouldn’t have had to shout for their voices to be heard.

I have immensely enjoyed meeting and talking with people around the county as I have knocked on doors, while shopping and at restaurants. As your Commissioner, I will continue to interact directly with you, the residents, representing your concerns and needs and working hard to find all solutions available. Not all problems can be addressed during normal business hours; I will accommodate those situations.

My goal is to establish multiple ways to promote open communication such as: scheduled rotating Precinct meetings in your neighborhoods; expanding the County webpage to include detailed information regarding issues that could impact County residents in Precinct 1; and my office hours posted on the County webpage noting contact information for all other hours.   

In upcoming articles, I would like to speak to you about my ideas of how I can represent the will of the Citizens of Kendall County. Stay tuned, more to come.

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