Health Department Tales: Wendy’s



“Where’s the beef ?”

Dave Thomas was an orphan that quit school in the 10 th grade and went on to build Wendy’s into the #3 hamburger chain. Early on, at his first restaurant job, his boss wore a three piece suit, but Dave was impressed because he cleaned tables and mopped floors. Dave said, if he can do everything, well, so can I.

Dave’s grandmother was a guiding light after he lost his first mom at five and two step mothers by the age of ten. Grandmother always said, don’t cut corners. Legend has it this is why Wendy’s burgers are square. Some naysayers think it’s so they look bigger on the bun. His biggest regret was not finishing High School. In 1993, nine years before he passed away, Dave earned his GED. He was able to participate in a High School graduation event in Florida. He and his wife were voted king and queen of the prom and Dave was voted “most likely to succeed”. After giving up running the day to day of his corporation, he traveled to the franchises to preach the “mop and bucket” attitude. Outside the stores he starred in TV commercials. Do you think Dave would have a beef with this Wendy’s?

Wendy’s at 1242 S. Main St. in Boerne received a Health Department score of 81, 19 demerits, on their last visit.The hot food was hot and above the minimum temperature. The ice machine, we’ve all heard this story before, had mildew inside the machine and the ice was discarded.

Plastic food pans used in the hot hold units had not been cleaned from the previous day’s use. The pans need to be cleaned and sanitized between uses and cannot be stored overnight unclean. Food held on the sandwich line and the pick up holding station were above the magic number of 41 degrees. Food was left out for less than two hours, so it was placed in the walk in cooler. Food that was in the fryer freezer overnight was above 41 degrees and had to be discarded. Speaking of the fryer freezer, the temperature was at 48 degrees. This unit cannot be used until approved by the Health Department. We don’t see that very often.The meat well was observed at 52 degrees and was frozen over. Here we go again… This unit cannot be used until approved by the Health Department. Meat patties in the meat well were above 41 degrees, but for less than two hours, they were allowed to be placed in the walk in cooler.

Food hander certificates for Karen Morado and Martha Moreno were expired. They were also found to be expired on the July inspection. Repeat violation. You have ten days to comply. There were no thermometers in the front cooling units or the walk in freezer. You ask how can the restaurant stay in compliance without thermometers? It can’t, it’s that simple. But if your employees don’t have the required food handler certificates, why would you think the managers and owner would care about food temps? The stainless steel trim around the sandwhich station was held on by duck tape. There was food residue under the trim. Needs to be cleaned and repaired. Heavy grease was observed under the grill in the drive thru area and numerous ants observed on tables in the dining area. The restaurant recevied a sore of 85 on their July 2019 Health Department inspection.

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