Health Department Tales: Sonic and Bush’s


The Sonic Drive In, located at 121 W. Bandera in Boerne, received an 88 score on their last Health Department Inspection. The restaurant received three demerits for food contact surfaces and returnables not cleaned/sanitized properly. And if you guessed no food handler certificates available, you would be correct.  That nicked ’em two points. An employee was eating, drinking or using tobacco,   that will cost you one demerit. On top of that, non food contact areas were not clean, garbage and refuse not properly disposed of and in general, the facilities were not clean.

Three months earlier, Sonic received the same score of an 88. This time the infractions were slightly different. Food was not in good condition, or “unadulterated” as the Health Department calls it. This time there was not a Certified Food Handler on the premises. If one had been available, then maybe the ice machine would have been clean, the doors of the upright cooler would not have been caked with grease, the floors in the walk in cooler would have been clean and the ladies restroom would have had a covered trash can for sanitary napkins. That is what you learn during the ten hour course to be a Certified Food Manager. On a brighter note, the place did score a 92 in February of this year.

Hey, Let’s Shake, LLC. proprietors of the store. Make me eat my words, but not there. I will congratulate you  on the front page of this paper when you earn a 96 or higher score. Deal?

The Bush’s Chicken out on Highway 46 was hit with 19 demerits, for a score of 81 on their last Health Department inspection. Food on the hot well line was below 135 degrees (the minimum) and had been out since noon. It was trashed. The ice in the front machine was tossed out due to heavy mildew inside the bin. Someone had left a wiping cloth bucket with sanitizer in it on top of a box of lard. Heavy grease build-up was observed on sides of the food equipment, along with heavy grease build-up on the floor by the frying areas. To top it off, flies were observed in the kitchen and dining areas. In September, the restaurant received an 80 score and an 83 in June. It’s kind of ironic the owner’s last name is Cain….like in the chicken finger place, but spelled differently.

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