Health Department Tales: Hungry Horse and Sauced


The Hungry Horse Restaurant located at 109 S. Saunders earned 16 demerits, for a score of 84, on their last Health Department inspection, on November 18th. Three demerits were given for cold food above 41 degrees. The chili @ 46.9, the white gravy at 46.2 were prepared on Friday and Saturday, are above 41 degrees for more than four hours. They were discarded.  Over at the hot food warmer, the King Ranch Chicken read 140.7. Fortunately, the meatloaf was above the minimum at 151.5 degrees. As we have seen in so many restaurants, the ice machine was observed with mildew and rust. The rubber gaskets were not in good shape and need to be repaired or the ice machine needs to be replaced. The ice was thrown out. The food stored in containers in the cooler and walk in freezer need to be at least six inches off the floor,(really?)

Date marks were missing from numerous containers in the walk in cooler and prep cooler. The shelves for drying dishes are rusted and need to be replaced. Food was observed thawing in standing water.

Facial hair restraints were not worn by employees with facial hair. My favorite, the door handle for the fryer freezer is broken and repaired with duct tape. The tape was worn and not clean. This needs to be replaced. Not the tape, the handle! The very popular restaurant received a score of 84 in July and a 94 in March of this year.

Come on HH, this is not the amateur hour. You guys have been in business long enough to know what it takes to keep a kitchen clean.

Is compliance with the Health Department not important or do you just not care. Either one is the wrong answer.


Sauced Wings Bar received a visit from the Health Department on 11/5. The establishment received a score of 90. Three of the demerits were given because food was not at the proper temperature of 41 degrees or less. Three more because of ice and or food not from an approved source. In this case, very heavy mildew was observed inside the machine. Ice was discarded. Food in the grill cooler was stored above 41 degrees for an unknown amount of time. It all had to be thrown out. Wings was told not to use the grill cooler as the drawers could not cool below 57 degrees, Remember, the minimum is 41 degrees.  The Health Department would have to come back and inspect the cooler before it could be used again. Once again, food in the prep cooler was above 41 degrees and was thrown out. Two food handler certificates were not available. On July 15th of this year, Wings received an 82 on their visit from the Health Department. This prompted a return visit on July 24th. The score was raised to a 90. The restaurant has a difficult time keeping food at the proper temps.  It’s obvious that compliance with county health regulations is not a priority with this restaurant.

The Kendall County Health Department Restaurant reports are a service to our readers. The reports are not opinion pieces. We take these facts very seriously. We will continue to provide the information as long as it is of value to our readers. Your feedback is appreciated.

Randy Schmidt, Publisher

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