Health Department Tales: Cibolo Creek Brewing Co. Part 1

*Originally published January 2, 2020

Cibolo Creek Brewing received 18 demerits, for a score of 82, from the Health Department inspection in November. There was a lot of food in the walk in cooler that was above 41 degrees for more than four hours, noted the inspector. This included goat@45.1,Wagyu@44.2, chicken@44.1, yogurt@43, cooked potatoes@44.4 and pork@42.9 degrees. The food was discarded. Seems there was hot food being placed below, on top of and beside cold held food, warming the cold food. Baked potatoes were placed in a five gallon bucket inside the cooler. This amount of heat is not allowing the potatoes to cool. The convection oven had a large amount of carbon build up on the racks and the bottom of the oven. The front bar automatic dishwasher was only sanitizing to 10ppm. That’s not good.

Employees were observed leaving the kitchen and returning to duty without washing their hands. Employees were also observed handling ready to eat food with bare hands. Beard nets were not being worn by two employees who were handling food at the time.

A large amount of food was observed under the food equipment and a ladder was also stored under the ovens. The floors in the walk in freezer were not clean. The establishment earned a Health Department score of 91 from the July visit. At the beginning of this visit, facial hair restraints were not worn by kitchen staff. Way back in February, Cibolo Creek Brewing earned a 98! So it can be done. And if you guessed that beard restraints were not being worn at the beginning of the inspection, well you would receive a perfect score of 100! Something CCB hasn’t done this year.

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