Health Department Tales: Cibolo Creek Brewing Co. Follow-Up


I got a call from Josh over at Cibolo Creek Brewing on Monday. He was not happy that we ran his November Health Department score in our January 2nd edition. Seems CCB was not happy with that score and asked to be reinspected. Josh was upset that we were not on top of his re inspection and questioned our integrity.  I found this fairly amusing from a guy who was given demerits for the things at his restaurant. As you can imagine, we both acted in a way that didn’t really suit either of our styles. We got off the phone. I called Josh back after a few, aploogized  and suggested he write a letter to the editor about his feelings. He thought that might be a good idea. Everyone was calm. When we hung up, I think both of us were satisfied we acted like the kind of people are dogs we think we are.   

Then Josh sent me a really cool email, going into how we both really were on the same page, running small businesses, etc. He is much more eloquent than I am. I heard his side, he understands I do not receive the inspection reports on a daily basis. More like they are several weeks old. That always doesn’t matter. But it did in this case. CCB wanted to fix the violations quickly and to be reassessed. Good job CCB. They moved the needle from an 82 to a 94!  And Josh, we’ll have that beer.

I’m glad you called. Can’t do that on social media!

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